Virgin blogger

I’ve never done this before. I’m scared. Is it gonna hurt? Please be gentle with me!

I have never paid attention to any blog until now. I read an article/essay/paper or whatever they call a topical writing, on DMT by some dude. It was interesting and insightful yet disconnected from its readers. I think I can relate a bit better with my words, regardless of the topic, because I like my readers!

I write so you may read. You read in order to learn and amuse yourself. I enjoy reading more than anything else, because if properly executed; reading has the power to adjust my paradigm. I read all words as truthful entertainment.

What does it matter whether one person is right and the other wrong!?

Enjoy their opinions and slander them in your own mind. Criticism is needed as a reader, where slandering and undermining an author’s message is counterproductive.

The reader cannot learn unless he has an opinion on the subject. He also, cannot form an opinion unless he gains knowledge. One of my goals in writing is to share my knowledge from my eyes. I guess my request is to ask you to believe my words as long as you can follow them.

If a reader labels or critiques without a personal viewpoint, how can he ever view somebody else’s point? What is the point of reading if not to expand our minds perception. It sounds confusing, and it is. But, I am going to try sharing my ideas on this blog thingy. Try imagining a reality through my imagination.

I need my readers to teach me how to teach. This is my first time, tell me what to do. Show me the ropes of this verbal intercourse and I will rock your world! I know one thing is certain, everybody dies. So join my journey of escape through the power of thought.


4 thoughts on “Virgin blogger

  1. Yeah that DMT dude is totally disconnected from his readers. He like, never comments on other people’s blogs.

    Haha just messin’ with you. I assume that is me you were referring to, although DMT has become a rather popular topic as of late.

    But anyway, keep on blogging! Even if you have to force it at times. I should say, though, every blogger seeks to share their knowledge from their eyes. However, bloggers (being human) collectively share a lot of the same knowledge, and even view much of it the same way. Those who figure out which aspects of their knowledge are unique to themselves are successful. If you write about something that hasn’t been written about, people will read it.

    • I never meant for my vernacular to offend. I just enjoy mixing up my language. Dumbing shit down grabs their attention. Using boring words makes them read further faster. But anyways, “disconnected from his readers” is inevitable when trying to recount an out of body experience. Because your DMT article inspired me to begin writing. Thanks!

      • Oh dude, believe you me, I was not offended in the slightest. Quite the opposite, actually. If you had been slightly more vague I probably would’ve read this without realizing it was a reference to me, but I’m glad I caught it. Blogging is something that requires an initial investment of a lot of time effort for very little immediate satisfaction (except for, of course, the satisfaction you get from writing, which pales in comparison to the satisfaction you get from knowing that what you’ve written has affected other writers). I’ve been doing it for about two years now. The fact that you read a post on my blog, and subsequently felt compelled to start one of your own makes me feel very good, regardless of any critiques you may have on it.

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